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GLOCK pistols has trigger mechanism Safe Action (SfA), barrel is locked by Browning/Petter system - note the sloping nose at the bottom side of the chamber. This nose drops to the locking block (22) during recoil and the block around chamber, latching the ejection port, falls down.

When the trigger (26) is pulled properly (i.e. with locking latch pressed), firing pin safety (9) unblocks. It is shifted upwards to the ledge on trigger bar. Firing pin safety should block the firing pin, so it can not - in case of accident (firing pin or slide break) or pistol drop - hit the primer. During proceeding trigger pull the rod claw leans the firing pin claw (5) and unlocks the drop safety. Firing pin then moves back against the repulsion spring. At the end of the cycle the rod claw drops out the firing pin claw, firing pin hits the primer, which initiates the round. If the primer fails (misfire), or the round is not initiated for any other reason, it is not possible to simply pull the trigger again, because the trigger is in its rear position; it is necessary to move the slide again.

The chamber snapped in ejection port and prevents slide from moving rear. The slide recoils slightly (approx. 2 mm), then the sloping nose at the bottom side of chamber drops to the locking block (22); rear end of the barrel lowers. Consequently the chamber leaves ejection port and the slide can move farther back.

The extractor (11) extracts empty cartridge out of the chamber. Cartridge is then ejected by the ejector (12). This cycle repeats until magazine (33) is empty. Then the nose of follower (30) moves the slide stop lever (27), which snaps in slide and holds it in rear position. The shooter can push the magazine catch (19), replace the magazine and press the slide stop lever. The gun is ready to fire again.

Field stripping of a GLOCK pistol: pull the slide, check the chamber (must be empty), release the slide and pull the trigger (safety shot in safe direction). The pull the slide a bit (approx. 2 mm) and activate the slide lock (21). Then the slide is freely removable from the receiver.

The GLOCK pistol is very resistant against dirt and can be operated in wide range of temperatures. The GLOCK pistol passed all stress test with excellent score. During test of Austrian Army only one misfire per 10 000 round had been recorded. According to another informal article the pistol shot 100 000 rounds without repairing. When testing repeated drawing from holster only the plastic front sight abraded, so it had to be replaced by new metal one. When they dropped GLOCK from 10 meters, only the sights had been destroyed.

Note: taken from George Polcar and translated.